Waive Medicaid Spend Down

Medicaid is a type of health insurance that is both funded by the federal and state government. It is set up for people who are older than 65, pregnant women, children, and those who are disabled. People who make more than the income limit will have to spend down their current income in order to qualify.

A spend down is a type of deductible. It is up to the applicant to pay this cost out of their own pockets before they can receive any coverage from Medicaid. In order to know how much this is going to cost you must subtract the total income by the limit set up by your state government. The total is the amount of money you must pay.

It is your responsibility to pay for any medical costs that are accrued before the spend down has been reached. However, there are things you can do which might waive this cost.

Review your work history and the ability you have to work. This is something that disabled people must do also. If you are not receiving Social Security than you might be qualified for it. Anyone receiving SSI will be waived from having to pay the spend down.

If you are disabled and cannot work long hours or every weekday than you might be eligible for Medicaid under the disabled workers program. This will prevent you from having to pay anything if you are enrolled. The income must be above a certain amount and you might have to pay a monthly premium. However, the premium will be a great deal less than a spend down.

Look through the medical expenses that you are paying on your own and that is not being counted as the spend down. It is common for people to pay for various medical costs than what they need to. If you do not turn in the receipts there is no way for the government to put it to the spend down and prevent you from spending more than what you owe.