Exempt Assets

Depending on each individual case some assets do not have to be disposed. In the case of someone single who is still living alone their home is exempt from the spend down as long as they plan to return to live their. However, in some states it is considered that you will not be going back home if you don’t return in the six months after checking into a nursing facility. If the individual in the nursing home is married and their spouse lives in their home, the house and the family car will be exempt as well. Other exemptions include anything related to funeral or burial.

The financial limits in Georgia depend on the house size, and the age of the person in need. The following chart shows what is exempted for each group. Anything above that must be disposed or converted.


In the table above the monthly income limit is the top number and the annual limit is the bottom number. For example, for a family of 4 with a medically needy child the monthly income limit is $442, while the annual limit is $5,304.