Choosing A Nursing Home II

Other ways to find out about the quality of your local nursing homes is to call the local office of consumer affairs in your state, and calling the State health department. They can both give you the quality reports of them.

Before making a decision on a nursing home at least one visit is imperative. A visit gives you the chance to see the resident’s interaction with the staff as well as the facility. It also allows you to talk to the staff and the residents. Before any visit get the information. Call about services and fees, and see the inspection report. Call and make an appointment with a staff member for an official tour. Also, visit more than once, the first time for an expected appointment and again there after for a slightly unexpected follow up.

Ask Questions. Questions are key. There is no reason to leave a nursing home visit with any uncertainties. If you may be living there you have the right to ask. Ask the staff to explain anything you see or hear that you don’t understand.

Chose a nursing home that best meets your needs. When you have all the information you are interested in discuss it with friends and family members. Talk to people who know your personal and health care needs. Trust your senses. Don’t choose a nursing home just because it is closest to your loved ones. They will come see you no matter how long the drive is. Moving is very difficult so try not to do it more than once. Once in the nursing home, if for some reason, you feel the need to change, do so.

Use the nursing home check list:

  • Is this nursing home certified by Medicare and Medicaid?
  • Is there a bed available? (is there a waiting list?)
  • Is the nursing home easy for visits from family and friends?
  • Ask to see a copy of the nursing home’s most recent inspection report?